Why You Should Work with Omni in Hendersonville and Nashville, TN

At Omni Real Estate, we began as a start-up company in 2005, completely from scratch. We relocated here from Knoxville, and transplanted an existing model from west Tennessee into the Nashville property management market. We began our business with direct networking, which is mostly talking to people. After landing five or 10 contracts, things snowballed and through direct marketing efforts, we grew to managing about 100 doors in a year.

Property Management Nashville

Our core business is leasing and property management. We also have a niche business where we help investors acquire properties, so we handle the brokerage side as well. There’s also a part of our company that does traditional real estate sales. We fill a unique role for our customers, providing turnkey service for investment property or buy and hold rentals. We provide tailored services to investors or any property owner with that need.

How Omni Real Estate is Different

The best way to tell people how we’re different is by explaining what we’re not. We aren’t a corporate or franchised entity that has to answer to a faraway ghost boss that has a heavy hand and lots of rules. Instead, we’re able to customize our service and create a pricing structure that works for almost everyone. We are family-owned and locally operated, and we know that reputation is critical to our success. We are not business development people trying to meet quarterly goals. Instead, we’re simply trying to help people lease their properties by providing quality services. We can do it for everyone with rental property in Nashville and Hendersonville, or the surrounding areas.

Property Management Experience

Experience matters in property management and real estate. We have been in business since 2005. Collectively, my staff and I have over 50 years of experience doing this. It takes a lot of effort and requires professionalism to be effective and efficient. We will maximize the performance of your investment, which is probably one of your biggest assets.

Professional Associations and Reputation

We are active members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, or NARPM. I served as the 2016 Chapter President, and my staff has been on the Board of Directors. We continue our presence there because we believe it’s the cornerstone for education, ethics, and best practices in the property management industry.

We live and die by reputation. The only way to have a good reputation is to do a great job. We spend no money on advertising, and rely heavily and almost solely on referral business. Our reputation is why we are so successful.

Please contact us at Omni, Realtors and Property Management for any help with Hendersonville or Nashville area property management. We’d be happy to tell you more about our services.