Is a Tenant or a Landlord Responsible for Maintenance & Repairs? | Nashville Property Management Education

We know that when you’re renting out a property, it can create questions about who is responsible for taking care of maintenance, landscaping, and cleaning. Is it the tenant’s job or the landlord’s job? I

t’s important to be clear about these responsibilities and expectations in your lease agreement. It’s also important to think about liability and risk. You don’t want your tenant patching holes in the roof, for example.

Providing a Well-Maintained Nashville Rental Home

As the property owner, you are generally responsible for keeping the home habitable, safe, and...

What are the Pros & Cons of Self-Showing Technology for Your Nashville Rental Property?

Self-showings have become more relevant than ever. With the Covid-19 pandemic not coming to a close anytime soon, contact-free marketing, leasing, and property management in Nashville has become an important way to safely serve our owners and our potential tenants.

At Omni Property Management, we use Rently, a self-showing technology that has had some great results for us. We can still show a property in person if it’s requested, but we’ve found that most tenants prefer the convenience and flexibility of...

Professional Nashville Property Management Keeps You Safe During a Pandemic

Renting out properties in Nashville became even more complicated when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Fortunately, our team at Omni Realtors & Property Management has invested heavily in technology, which allows us to provide a touch-free experience for prospective tenants who...

Top 4 Questions Every Nashville Property Management Company You Interview Should Be Able to Answer

When you’re looking for Nashville property management, you need to spend a bit of time doing research. Gather referrals from people you trust, read customer reviews online, and explore the websites and social media presence of the management companies you’re considering. ...

What Makes a Property Good for Real Estate Investment in Nashville?

Nashville is an excellent market for investors who want to buy rental properties. There’s a lot happening in and around the city. The economy is strong and the population is growing. It’s a great time to be a real estate investor, and if you’re thinking about entering the market, we have some advice on how to pick the best possible property.

The Location is Desirable to Tenants

You don’t have to be a wise real estate investor to know that location matters. It matters to buyers and it matters to tenants. Most of the renters in Nashville want to be close to work, schools, and...