How Does Being Pet-Friendly Add Value to my Rental Property? | Nashville Property Management

A lot of the rental property owners we talk to are nervous about allowing pets into their property. They worry about property damage and liability. This is understandable. However, it’s rare that the risk of pet outweighs the benefits of allowing tenants to move into your home with their furry family members.

Today, we want to share some of the value that you can expect to receive from renting out a pet-friendly property. With a good pet policy and a careful screening process, you can minimize the risk and maximize the benefits that pets bring to your investment.


Many Tenants Prefer a Property Management Company | Nashville Landlord Education

There are a lot of ways to attract great tenants to your Nashville rental property.

You can be sure you’re providing a well-maintained home in a desirable neighborhood. You can keep your rental rate competitive. You can really focus on strategic marketing plans designed to target the renters you want and bring them in to see your home.

And, you can work with a professional Nashville property management company.

The best tenants often prefer to work with a professional property manager rather...

Tips for Purchasing Real Estate Investment Properties in Nashville, TN

If you’ve decided to invest in Nashville real estate properties, you’ve made a great decision. The market is in great shape, and you will find that the local economy is growing and the housing market is stable. Whether you’re a new investor or an experienced investor buying in Nashville for the first time, we’ve got some tips and advice that we think might help you have a more successful investment experience.

Take a Look at Market Metrics

Every real estate market is different, and even within the Nashville market, there are still micro-economies and nuances in each...

How to Measure the Financial Success of a Rental Property in Nashville TN

Owning a rental property in Nashville can be extremely lucrative and highly profitable. But, it’s also possible to generate some pretty devastating losses, especially if you’re making expensive mistakes without realizing it.

It’s important to measure the financial success of your rental property. Knowing exactly where you stand will help you make better decisions. But, how do you measure that success? We have a few different ways that you can look at your earnings and expenses to determine whether your...

Rent Collection Methods in Nashville TN: What are the Best?

Collecting rent is a critical part of your investment strategy as a landlord. Your cash flow and your return on investment depend on the timely collection of rent from your tenants every month.

If you’ve done a good job screening tenants and you have a good relationship in place with open communication, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your rent paid on time. We have found that offering your tenants multiple ways to pay rent can also provide extra convenience for them and a higher chance that you won’t have to...